About Us

Fjolla Haxhismajli is one of the rarest world brands of luxury handmade. Is a company created in Kosovo in 04 June 2018 and at that time they started designing and manufacturing handmade dresses for people around her town.

Design is inherited by her family who was one of the rarest tailors in town educated in Croatia. With the highest motivation and craftsmanship, we produce evening gowns, prom dresses, wedding dresses, jumpsuits, costumes and clothing for every occasion. What makes us a unique brand is the work that we do in all our dresses with exclusive fabrics and handmade work added. And we have achieved the greatest success rate by our clients.

The vision of Fjolla Haxhismajli is to offer products that complement the elegance, delicacy and to fulfill the dream of our clients. Getting bigger: With Fjolla’s commitment and employees' hard work this business started to grow not only in Kosovo but getting International by delivering dresses Worldwide.

We deliver premium handmade products of the finest embellished fabrics as shiny stones and beads, Today: We provide free worldwide shipping for the customers around the world. Still proudly based on Kosovo, with sales in different countries like USA,AUSTRALIA,UAE, ITALY,FRANCE,AUSTRIA ETC.